It's fine to be nervous and talking about it!

By Emese Hruska — April 22, 2021

In this episode of the PerfActionist podcast, with my guest Mark Bain, professional trumpet player, brass teacher and performance coach, we spoke about how to handle performance nerves and negative self-talk. We also talked a little bit about perfectionism, fear of failure, and fear of negative evaluation.

This episode can be particularly interesting for you if you teach music for children and teenagers since Mark shares his insights about dealing with the younger generation. For example, he likes to make his students to use their metacognitive skills and conduct self-directed learning..

In case you are not familiar with the term, metacognition refers to thinking of one’s thinking. In other words metacognition happens when having a critical awareness of a) our own thinking and learning and b) ourselves as a thinker and learner. Therefore, metacognition has a crucial role in the processes of planning, monitoring, and assessing our performance and in its understanding, so it is quite important in teaching and learning.

If you have problems with performance nerves and stage fright, and you would like to start a discussion about it, you are welcome to talk about with us. Also, if you have questions or topic suggestions that you would like to be turned into an episode, simply write a comment below on Youtube or alternatively you can send  me an email via this website.

Thank you for listening! Until the next episode keep growing to become a healthy perfectionist. For this wish you well to remember “Done is better than perfect!”