The idea of starting PerfActionist goes back to my doctorate in which I focused on classical musicians’ perfectionism and performance anxiety, and the potential causes of these issues. The feedback from the participants who took part in the study highlighted that both, perfectionism and performance anxiety are still sensitive topics for musicians which they find unpleasant to talk about.

This made me to start a podcast series titled PerfActionist in which I run discussions with specialists in the fields related to music performance, music education and any other areas that are linked to achievement. This podcast involves information on the ways peak performance can be accomplished, touching upon the physiological and psychological prerequisites of winning performances, and I also share stories of successful professionals who managed to realize their talent into flourishing careers.

PerfActionist is intended for musicians, beginners and experienced, and for everyone else who feel that are stuck in proceeding in their journey because of their self-critical perfectionism.

... If you’d like to become a musician of excellence, I’d love to share with you what I’ve learned.